Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So it goes on and on......

I am still amazed at how far this Bethany Home thing has permeated so many of us from the North West.
Case in point:
Most you know how hooked I am on Facebook. It is such a fun, social thing to do, especially when you are older like I am and don't have much going on in your life anymore. It is also a wonderfully useful tool to reconnect with people that have been in your past.
Just the other day while I was reading a note on Attebetty's daughter Terri's wall (Facebook speak for your personal page) I saw the name of someone that I recognized from years ago. It was so nice to reconnect with Mary again and to see pictures of her now grown family and hear tidbits of her life. So that brings us to the hook, which is a little game people play "25 Random Things About Me". She had posted it on her "wall" and I, of course had gone over to read it. Very funny and most illuminating about a side of her I never knew. Then I came to item #20 and low and behold, there were the magic words, Bethany Home......see for your self. I have copied it here.

20. Some old guy punched me in the chest, because while working as a nursing assistant at Bethany Home in Everett, I put him on the port-a-potty and forgot about him. That kind of pissed him off.
Thank god the head nurse didn’t find out.

So there you have it. Another person with a link to Bethany Home. I wonder if there is a game out there called, "Six Degrees of Bethany Home."

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