Monday, January 12, 2009

Red Letter Day Today!!!

Known you 50+ Years and you haven't changed a bit! Just goes to show, the Biddies are holding up well. No Bethany Home for us yet.

OH Boy! Can you just imagine a Bethany Home with us in it? - down in the kitchen spicing up the bland dinners between visits to resident's rooms to fix computer problems, teach crafts, rearrange their furniture for a more pleasing look and dispense sage advice while doing it.
Sparkle - checking the rooms with a white glove and making 'that noise we can't spell' when she finds dirt..... All the men residents madly in love with her.
Horsey Girl - scared to death the 'Nurse Ratchets' will find out she has Glen, Jack, 2 goats, a couple of horses, a few geese, some chickens and sundry ducks hidden in her room.
Lukibstd - racing up and down the street out front, with the radio on 'Blast', looking for someone that wants to race her in her Classic e-Type Jag.
Dexagirl - making sure we all stay on the same floor......


P-Dot said...

LOL!!! I love this description of us. Yes, Happy Day to our girl. We really appreciate these birthday now.

Christine said...

Awwe I love this. What a nice picture and I loved your description of everyone at the home. Happy Birthday Kathy and lots of hugs your way!!!!!!!!!

P-Dot said...

Post was done by Attebetty...I'm not that clever. Pic is one that I cropped Jax out of. Hope it didn't hurt her.