Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Bud....

What a great show this was, even
though it has been panned in recent years for not being real. The fact that father, James Anderson, could solve the family's problems and dilemmas in only a half-hour was of no matter to me. It seemed so sweet and real because I was an only child being raised by my Grandmother. How I longed for a big sister or a little sister or a brother like Bud and a Dad like Jim.

Billy Gray, aka Bud Anderson, of Father Knows Best turned 71 this week. He will ever be that young, funny, cute guy from my pre-teen years. He was in the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" plus many other roles.
He was young Hollywood of that day.

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Christine said...

Mom and I were just talking about this show the other day as I was driving her to her doctors good and as wholesome as these shows were it ain't nothing like the real world! Perfect home, man, kids,dog,meals,etc

I'm still working on the home...who has time for the kids, dog, husband etc? Pfffft!