Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some of my "Old Biddies"

Judi, known each other since 1949

Carole, Trudy, Joy, Kathy
known most of these gals since the early 60's


Christine said...

LOL I had to do a double take...saw my mommies picture on my side bar screen..what a nice picture of her! Beautiful! Mooooooom...hi! -=O)

P-Dot said...

You took the picture. That is Andrew she has her cheek pressed up against.
I just did a little cropping. When I saw it the first time I just loved it and took it from your blog about Thanksgiving.

Attebetty said...

I'm proud to be a Biddy...... I wish I was as photogenic as Chris's Mooooom though. (....When I first met Penni she told someone I had a photogenic memory.....) We have almost a foot of snow now. It is beautiful out there. There are times when living in 'The Boonies' has it's advantages. This is one of them. It's sooooo quiet out there. Almost spooky.

P-Dot said...

On a MeMe from Joybelle she said her best vacation was to CA in the "Biddymobile".
Ms Attebetty....I beg to disagree with you in that there are NO advantages to living in the boonies IMHO and then you add cold, quiet AND snow and it sounds like a Jack Nicholson's Johnny!!!
Thanks Ms A, for letting everyone that reads this know that I was an idiot.

Christine said...

So when and where are you going to post the picture of the old Biddies? I only see young ones in these pictures...everyone looks wonderful I might add! I am thinking we need a santa picture post party over here gals!

P-Dot said...

Christine!!!! I tell you and I tell you there's no money in the will.