Friday, December 19, 2008

Attebetty has a Frederick and Nelson moment

In 1952 the Seattle, Frederick & Nelson had 'Uncle Mistletoe at Cozy Cottage' instead of Santa. Uncle M. was a puppet show on t.v. and we had the first t.v. in the neighborhood. I seem to be the only person in the entire world that remembers him and the photo of my sister and I with him. I was going through Mom's photos tonight and found the photo! I looked up Uncle Mistletoe and found he was a Christmas staple in the Chicago Marshall Fields at Christmas for years. If you ever have a place to show the Santa pictures; I'll donate one from the dark ages. Here's the info I found.


P-Dot said...

Hey Attebetty,
Look at that body language. Arms folded, pensive look on face. Do you remember how you felt?

Attebetty said...

I've found years and years worth of Santa photos since I started going through Mom's photo collection. I look pretty much bored in everything after the 2nd grade. I am surprised at the look in this photo though. I have always remembered that visit fondly. First, I was a big fan of the 15 minute Uncle Mistletoe puppet show every day. Then, it was snowing and the Cozy Cottage was fantastic as you wound your way through it to get to Uncle Mistletoe. I remember hanging around afterwards to watch other kids going through the cottage. It will be interesting to find if there is ANYONE out there that remembers this.
And....this experience didn't scar me forever; like the time I found Sheriff Tex dead (actually dead drunk) in our back hedge at Thanksgiving..... As a matter of fact; it was the same year as Uncle Mistletoe...!

Christine said...

I have really started something here! Carole, I love this picture! You need to get these put in a special book for Terri...I think she'd love to have these of you! Nice Christmas gift still have a few days before Christmas! If you need help let me know and I could even see if Creative memories still ahs those little books, they fit one picture per page, it is what I have mine in.

Kathy said...

What a special photo P-Dot! Uncle Mistletoe is new to me, although not surprising, since I grew up in the South. As I recall, we only had Santa here in Houston.

Christine said...

Wishing you all here a very Merry Christmas! Peace, joy and love your way!

P-Dot said...

I did a google search about Uncle Mistletoe and found out he was popular as a Christmas addition back East. Especially with Marshall Fields stores who, at one time, owned F&N.
I didn't know anything about him until Attebetty, who is a guest blogger here sent it to me. She couldn't get the pics to load and wanted to post so I put it up for her.