Friday, December 26, 2008

How was your Christmas?

Did you go
out and
buy a tree
or did you
put up an

Who decorated the tree? You or the whole
family. Was it a themed tree or did it have old
family favorites on it?

Did you get your shopping done early or
were you out Christmas Eve for some last
minute gifts? Did you grab a quick bite to
eat somewhere or did you go home and
fix a special dinner?

Do you have
any special
Christmas music
that you listen
to year after
year ? Did you
play it this

Did you open your gifts
on Christmas Eve or
wait until Christmas
Day? Did you just open
one on Christmas

Were your gifts practical?

Or were
they fun
that you

Did you have visions of Sugar
Plums dancing in your head
or did you just fall, worn out
and exhausted, into bed?

Did Santa leave your stocking

full of wonderful

Did you spend Christmas
day cooking, and enjoying
your family and friends?

If the answer is yes then
I would say you had a
very Merry Christmas.


Attebetty said...

Had the Lunchbox! Had the Jacks! Had the skates! Had the Spoolies! Remember Spoolies???? My Mom put MY hair up in them every night!!! Like I needed them!!! We used to use them with our dolls, as martini glasses. I was hoping to find some when Mom moved. No luck though.

Attebetty said...

Did you 'wax nostalgic' a the Woolworths menu?
Trudy's shortest job was at a Dime Store Fountain in downtown Everett. A guy made his order. It entered Trudy's brain and she yelled to the cook, "HAM & EGGS!!" and waited on the next customers until the order was up. When she delivered his Ham & Eggs; he got her to make eye contact and enuciated, "With that...I'd like a LEM-ON-ADE...." Shortest job Trudy ever had....

P-Dot said...

Ha ha hahahahahahaaaa
Of all the stories I have heard about Trudy that is one I missed.