Friday, December 26, 2008

Horsey Gal, here.. snowed in but feeling Blessed

Jack and Chris sharing blog
space with Horsey Gal and
just happy to be anywhere.
Picture was taken Summer
2008 at the Lake.

While putting up my artificial Christmas tree my
cat, Jake, kept climbing it and taking my orna-
ments off. I only put up unbreakable ones such
as metal horses and resin nativity scenes and
wooden ornaments which I dearly love anyway.
I also included one that Mark had made for me
when he was a little guy and the two Santa's
that my brother, Bobby, and I had made as kids.

The week before friends came over and we had
our celebration together and then there were
several Christmas programs and concerts at
different Churches. Knowing Christ as the center
of my
Christmas, along with friends and family
and singing
Christmas carols (I still have my
Christmas carol book that I had as a child)
has made Christmas for me. Christmas Eve
my brother,Wolfe, his wife Julie, and two kids,
Ldub and Shae were here and then
I went to their house and I got both practical
and fun gifts.

With all the snow we have had, I have tunnels
going everywhere - out to the barn, to the goat
shed, the chicken coop and the mailbox (don't
know why because we have not had mail
delivery for so many days now.)

Wolfe has cleared my driveway and the neigh-
bors and the roadways in the back several
times with the backhoe.
Christmas morning I opened the door to go out
to do my chores and my dogs (Chris, a golden
retriever, and Jack, a black lab) went out first.
The snow came crashing off my garage roof and
Jack missed it but Chris was buried about 3 feet
down by . I grabbed a shovel and dug and prayed
and cried and looked and saw some golden hair
and then movement and finally dug him out with
no injuries at all. At Christmas dinner that after-
noon, Wolfe prayed and thanked the Lord that
we still have him and I did too. I so love my
Chris dog.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year
Happy Trails.


Attebetty said...

Poor 'Glen'!!!! I'll bet it scared him only because he couldn't see you. He worries so. Jack probably would have bounded out of it with his 'That was a new thing! Let's do it again!!' look.

Give 'Glen' a big kiss from Auntie Carole and a lick from his Pal Rocky.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Kathy. Jack is so handsome!

Christine said...

You have a dog you named Chris????? And it'd blond...hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, Tell ME what you have that you haven't had since you were a kid????


P-Dot said...

Hey Farkle Face,
You couldn't have put that better. Instead of searching the Internet for pictures of old vintage things I should have just gone to Horsey Gal's place with a camera.
Ha Ha Ha......

P-Dot said...

Don't get paranoid Chris. She loved you first.....

Anonymous said...

Well just show how much I love this family - a dog named Chris and a dog named Jack and my next goat is gonna be called Farkle.