Monday, November 24, 2008


I was re-reading Penni's thoughts on Bethany Home tonight and it brought back memories.
When I was first divorced and poor as a church mouse I rented a big, drafty barn of a house right across the street from Bethany Home.
My friends 'Clunk' (long stuck...), Danny and I would 'scrape together some Jingle' as we called it and go across to the store Penni mentions and buy a few beers. Then we'd sit and talk. Some of my favorite memories of those two are in that shabby living room, sitting on the only piece of furniture, a couch that had bad hinges and kept making into a bed if it moved away from the wall.
We even picked our rooms in Bethany Home from that house. Clunk & Danny in the left tower and me in the room below. Funny how that potential move seemed to be HUNDREDS of years off.
That was 1962!!! Forty Eight Years ago! I was 19 and Wow,how things changed in the following years. I raised a fantastic human being that doesn't let anything stop her from what she wants. I met the best friend I will ever have. (Okay...the circumstances of our introduction are another entirely different story...) I ended up with the best cadre of friends a person could have.
We had a ball being single for the next 6 years. We all married and kept in touch as much as possible.
We were visiting Penni and her ex in Tucson, in 1990. We drove up to Phoenix and went to Sizzler before going on to Cottonwood (..where it was so cold, my video camera FROZE in it's track....!). As we left Phoenix we ended up going down a street called (I KID you Not...) Bethany Home Road!!
Over the years Clunk retired and moved to Lolo, Montana. We haven't seen Danny in years. A few years back Bethany home was sold to a Medical Clinic and parts that included 'our rooms' were torn down.
Last Thanksgiving Clunk called in a panic. Apparently, he had come over here to Washington for Thanksgiving. I said, "Hello" and he hollered, "Carole!! Bethany Home is gone!! What are we going to do???" Hence..My Bethany Home memories.


P-Dot said...

It really is interesting how many of us have some connection or memory to BH. I wondered why it popped into my mind so readily. I also wonder if Kathy or Trudy or any of the others from the past have any connections with BH.

Christine said...

BH is a new name for me...I'd never heard of it until your blogs Penny. Now I see why you use the name...I really thought it was the name of your apartment you were in now. Nice story Carole. =O)

P-Dot said...

Sis, your Mom was the lady in the car that wondered if her husband had put her suitcase in the trunk.
It's been a joke with us since we were young.

Attebetty said...

Chris, BH is to us that grew up in and around Everett, an institution in both senses of the word. I'll bet a lot of the first residents were retired employees of the old Eclipse Mill. That whole neighborhood (From 41st North to Pacific on the east side of the hill) was settled by people working in the saw mills. As a matter of fact, most of the area is riddled with underground piping that warmed most of the original houses with heat from the constantly burning wood residue. Eclipse burned down in 1961. What a spectaular fire it was! we watched it from Marysville.