Sunday, November 2, 2008

How Great Is Our God!!!

We sang that in church today and my life is a testament to that statement.

Here I am in the last chapters of life and God has certainly not forgotten me. During my life I have made many mistakes and God, being who he is, has forgiven me but has often left the consequences to remind me that my life isn't about being here.

This life is just the wilderness and we are here to test what is in our hearts. To get us to trust and lean on him and to depend on him. Not on the things that we, as humans , see as value. Relationships (people in our lives), emotions, or possessions.(1 Cor. 7:29-31) Important but not what this life is about. People can die, or leave us, emotions can fail us and possessions can disappear.

I have done poorly in the planning of my old age. Many reasons that I won't bore anyone with but here I am in the retirement years with hardly any money and not much chance of a future. I was making it only by the kindness of my sons, Todd and Mark. Todd and his wife, Tanya let me live in the 5th wheel on the back of their property for a year. Mark encouraged me to come to California and said he would help me.

I was actually planning to go to Arizona since I knew I could survive in Yuma since it is very old age sensitive. Mark guilted me into coming to Santa Rosa....."Mom, you have Grandkids here that don't even know you". (you kids are so good at that) Long story short, here I am in Santa Rosa.

I took a job managing a very troubled Mobile Home Park thinking (in my humanistic mind) that I was doing the right thing to take care of myself. It was a wrong choice except for the friendship of the two women I worked directly with. I got fired!!!! Yikes!!! first time in my life to ever be let go.

Several weeks after moving into the 5th wheel again, I received a letter addressed to Penelope Colley and no return address. It only said in big letters, VERY IMPORTANT. I thought it was junk mail and almost tossed it but I noticed that it had a 41 cent stamp on it. Who would put full postage on junk mail? Then I thought it must be for the manager of my now old job and I should pass it on to the company. Then I thought, 'What the heck, I will just open it....what are they going to do...shoot me?"

It was for me and it was an invitation to sign up for a brand new 54 unit, low, low income apartment housing that would be opening up the 1st of June. The invitation indicated that it had first been sent out in February.

I wondered why it was not full all ready as things like that are hard to find. I called the person's number and started to ask questions. She said it was going to be run by the Episcopal church and had very strict guidelinges as it was HUD financed and would I like an application......ya betcha!!!!

I fit the criteria perfectly and was accepted and signed my lease in June and moved in. I only pay 30% of MY total adjusted gross income. I have a brand new 530 square foot apartment with all new, beautiful appliances, beautiful shower with glass doors, new carpet, and so on and so on....

The location is perfect. Right behind the mall. (Craft store at edge of mall on my side, he, he) Post office, library, Social Security office just down the street, and a new Whole Foods being built as we speak.

Ten minute drive from church and really close to many other stores, JoAnns, K-Mart, Trader Joe's, Staples, Kohl's, TJ Max.....etc.

Does that have God's finger prints all over it or what!!!!!!!!!! Even in my dysfunction, God was there to prepare a way for me to live out how ever many years I have left in this temporary life.

How great is our God??? Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
Col. 3:2
But our citizenship is in heaven.......Phil 3:20

Guess what happened right after I left Todd and Tanya's yard and came here...

See that big tree, that's where the 5th wheel was parked. I was right across a very narrow alley from the garage that caught on fire in the middle of the night. The owner of the garage had it filled with old cars and chemicals and it went BOOM!!! We had talked many times about how much he had stored in there. The fire was so intense that the fire trucks had to park out in the street and shoot the water over to where this was because the fire was so intense. Guess what would have happened to me??? How great is our God??? Let me tell you, cuz I know!!!!


Jackie said...

Penni, What an awesome testamony of God's goodness! We just listened to a sermon today about the Israelites in the Wilderness and how we are like them. God doesn't care how long it takes, He will continue to draw us to Himself until He fulfills His purposes in us. So many life applications. Thanks for sharing this. Love U! Jax

Christine Lynn said...

Another blog? How did I miss this one???? sheeesh. I remember you showing me these pictures and the story too. I am glad you are putting this up now, God I so good all the time for sure! Thanks for telling me about Kelli, I had no idea I won. I was over there and clicked on the winners and it went to my wooo hooo! lol

P-Dot said...

I just recently thought it would be cool to have a place older people could share what it's like to be in the later chapters of the book. Kind of download to make room for more info I guess. It came from my shock the day I realized I lived in the "ole' folks home". Call it senior housing if you must but I know what my neighbors look like......old like me.

Christine Lynn said...

You ain't old, youzzz just all grown up! hehehehe

P-Dot said...

I am well seasoned, as the chef's saying goes. Don't have to sugar coat it for me.
I would like to get Ms. Farkle to do some posts but you all would have to really encourage her to do it, and Chris you would have to walk her through it for a few times. Also KP and Carole. I told Lorie I would come to her place (another town) and teach her how to blog and to copy cut paste. She has had no one show her how and I tried to tell her but it's a hands on kind of thing I guess.

accessbob said...

Wow! Amazing, truly amazing. It is interesting to see how God can work at times.

Keri said...

Thank you for sharing this with me Penni. Reading your blog gave me goosebumps. As much as I miss you and wish you were closer, I'm glad that you have such a wonderful place to live. God never stops amazing me with his grace. We are so small and insignificant compared to the grand scheme of things, yet he loves us and cares for us. Again, thank you for sharing!!!! Love you!

cbevs said...

You are correct that it is difficult to get into any Sr. housing.. two years was the last I heard about Monroe's Sr. housing..

Fifth wheels leave a lot to be desired unless you are camping in the summer. You have a home base from which to go to all of your actiivtes.. How is the Y? Kathy told me about your work at the church.. what did they ever do without you?.such huge meals to prepare. this is no easy task.. keep up the good work and the crafts.. thanks for the blog too. Cherie

Miss Apron Strings said...

Wow, reading about that was touching. I'm so glad to read about how God is caring for you. Thank you for sharing your story.