Monday, May 11, 2009

Ohhhh Yeah!!!!

From L to R, Trudy, Pdot, Joybelle, Horsey Gal, Ellen, Tanya, Farkle, Cherie, Attebetty

Don't you just love a plan when it works!!!!

My friend, Attebetty, with her superior intelligence, has always intimated that she can't be surprised. I picked up that gauntlet, so subtley thrown down, and was determined to surprise her for her Birthday. See, I live 618 air miles away from my Pals.

On April 20th Attebetty turned 66. I tried to get there to surprise her on that day but it didn't work out. So we hatched up another plan. Horsey Gal hosted a Belated Birthday Party for Attebetty. And unbeknown to her, I had flown in.

Well, all the old friends gathered together for lunch over a week after her Birthday and some said they even mentioned the only thing missing was me. Little did they know I was getting closer and closer by car driven by my DIL, Tanya..

We arrived about an hour after all had gathered. We parked and I bent over to keep the top of my head out of sight. I opened the back door and as soon as I did, Horsey Gal started to walk towards the door then turned around and loudly said, " I feel like singing' and started singing Happy Birthday. I came in the door partially hidden by her and then she stepped aside as I got right in front of the VERY SURPRISED guest of honor seated at the dining room table. She just sat there staring at me for about 30 seconds until her brain could catch up with what was going on. She jumped up and started to cry and ran around the table to hug me. Gotcha!!!

The sign in the front was a gift to her and we all wrote on the back.


Attebetty said...

I'm still stunned!! I don't even remember the singing. It was a great day and a fun ride up to the lookout. Made turning 66 (...shudder...) more acceptable.

P-Dot said...

LOL!!!!! Barely acceptable.


Christine said...

Correction Attebetty...26!

Hey Happy Birthday to you sweet fairy God momma!

Love the picture of all of you. =O)